The Financial Risk to Launching

To many gamers, 3D seems like a gimmick – but if the general entertainment market moves towards 3D, it would be foolish for consoles to not at least be 3D capable. Currently, the only next generation console looking for release in the near future is Nintendo’s offering. As with the Wii, it doesn’t appear that Nintendo are directly competing with either Microsoft or Sony – looking instead to solidify their position with the more casual audience with the Wii U. This infographic by  details some of the interesting aspects of Sony’s financial motivations in the technological arms-race that is console development.

Of particular interest are the rumours of an always-on approach to DRM (or the ability to use purchased games on a single console) – effectively killing the used games market. Interestingly, Ubisoft (pioneers, for good or bad of “working exactly as intended” always-on DRM) were recently seen to be backing down from such an approach because of the image problem it had created for the company. Do you think such a move would be terrible PR for Sony, or good financial sense? Do you think 3d offers an enriched experience, or wish it would quit circling the drain and just die already?

Another feature that is not only not going to be added, but will actually be removed, is the Audience noise-cancelling processor chip. The firm said that Apple instead has decided to return to in house audio, a move which might quite likely seek to give the tyrannical company even more control over its products and cut costs.

There’s even talk that the iPhone 5 might not arrive with EU compatible 4G support in October. This is perfectly possible, seeing as their major markets (the UK and Germany) don’t currently have sufficient 4G coverage to make it worthwhile. Were people’s expectations too high, or are Apple losing their shine? We can’t be sure until we know for definite what will be launched on the 15th September. In the meantime, here’s a video that supposedly demonstrates the iPhone 5 booting up. Most people think it’s fake but I like to think it isn’t.